Photo by Sergii Gulenok / Unsplash

In today's market, it's hard enough to find stable sources of passive income without Uncle Sam taking his cut. We're going to show you 3 simple steps you can take to start generating passive tax-free income today.

1. Open a Constitution Lending Account

Our platform gives you access to high yield real estate debt deals that will diversify your portfolio and get you to your wealth/retirement goals faster with less risk than traditional asset classes. You can setup your Constitution Lending account here.

2. Setup a Self-Directed IRA

The easiest way to start your path to financial freedom is to setup a self-directed IRA or SDIRA. A SDIRA is a retirement account that will allow you to growth your wealth without paying taxes on your gains. You can setup a pre-tax IRA, known as a traditional IRA or a post-tax vehicle called a Roth IRA. Both options will allow you to compound your investments tax-free. Constitution launched an integration with Alto IRA to make it seamless for our investors to take advantage of tax-deferred investing. You can get started with Alto here.

3. Pick a Loan and Watch Your Wealth Growth

Select a loan from our platform to invest in and choose Alto IRA as your funding source. Constitution's partnership with Alto makes investing with your IRA as easy as using a bank account.